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Welcome HARI-HAR Mahadev

A gurukula or gurukulam is One of the famous educational systems practised in ancient India during the Vedic times was the Gurukul System. It was a residential schooling system which dates back to around 5000 BC where students were taught various subjects and were taught to live a cultured and disciplined life.

Gurukul was the home of a teacher or Acharya and was the centre of learning where pupils resided till their education was complete. The Guru (teacher) and the shisya (student) resided in the same house or lived close to each other. The main focus of a Gurukul was on imparting learning to the students in a natural surrounding. The system functioned on the well-rounded holistic development of a child, enshrining values such as discipline, self-reliance, right attitude, empathy, creativity, and strong moral beliefs.